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The Nolan Gibbons Memorial Fund


   APPLY BY MARCH 1, 2023   


  • stuff (i.e. a computer, or music production software, a keyboard or instrument or other stuff you need to help make your art)

  • money for travel/gap year

  • money to take a master class or workshop

  • other - is there something else?

   APPLY BY MARCH 1, 2023   

Step 1

We want to get to know you!

"Everybody likes to be themselves" is a motto Nolan lived by.


How do you embody this idea? What does this phrase mean to you?

Prepare a video or written statement with your response.

(you will submit this response in Step 2)

Step 2

Fill out our General Arts Application form by clicking here.

If you are under 18, please complete with your parent or legal guardian. Please include your response from Step 1 in this application (link above).

There are a few written responses, so it may be helpful to save your work in a Word document and pasting your responses in when you're ready to submit.

If you have any materials to share, such as a portfolio, resume, or examples of your music or performances, and paste the links the application directly. You can share any links through Google Drive, Dropbox, SoundCloud, Spotify, or YouTube.

Step 3

Thank you for submitting your application!

We're so excited to learn more about you.


Wait for us to reach back out to you. We may contact you for any additional information if we need something else from you for your application.

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